Camp Pendleton, California

These photos were taken during my stay at Camp Pendleton, where I was assigned to the RATPAC.


MCRD San Diego

Recruits on the Grinder.

Camp Pendleton

Waiting around the office.

Camp Pendleton

Going someplace, I truly forget where.

Los Angeles

We rented from rentAwreck and took off on Liberty. Myself, John Stec, and a guy we called 'Apple' are shown.

Los Angeles, CA

John Wellington at the beach.

Venice Beach, CA

John Stec with our pilferred truck innertubes, for use at the beach.

Los Angeles, CA

This is one of those photos you would rather forget. Apple is to the left, Wellington, Stec, and myself are shown. Other guys I do not know their names.

Los Angeles, CA

California, We have Arrived!

Comer is on the top, with myself and Wellington.

Hollywood, CA

Bill in Hollywood.

Camp Pendleton, San Onofre Barracs

A party. I have no idea what the occasion was, other than perhaps it was Tuesday.

San Diego, CA

My pet Tarantula. These spiders were everywhere.

Camp Pendleton, CA

Stec (right) plays with pet Tarantula. Everybody had their own.

San Diego, CA

Charlie Flowers, Apple, Myself.

San Diego, CA

Class, or meeting. Very hot, very tired.

Barracs, San Onofre.

John Wellington has guard duty. He is happy.